AI’s Role in Intellectual Property: Key Insights from Prof. Said Gulyamov’s 2023 Scopus Article

In a groundbreaking article published in the 5th International Conference on Control Systems, Mathematical Modeling, Automation and Energy Efficiency (SUMMA) on November 8-10, 2023, Professor Said Gulyamov delves into the evolving role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in intellectual property (IP) realms. Added to IEEE Xplore on December 15, 2023, and indexed in Scopus, this article addresses the burgeoning capabilities of AI in autonomously generating creative and inventive works, challenging existing IP frameworks.

Gulyamov’s analysis highlights the potential need for AI systems to be granted legal authorship and ownership status, particularly in areas like patents and copyrights. The article weighs the benefits, such as fostering AI innovation and ensuring fair compensation for human contributors, against the risks including the over-concentration of AI rights, economic disruptions, biases in algorithms, and concerns around human dignity.

The professor proposes a range of solutions, including reforms in IP policy, increased transparency, and robust oversight mechanisms. These suggestions aim to balance responsible AI implementation with human creativity and labor. Gulyamov’s work underscores the existing legal ambiguities and coordination challenges in equating AI’s creative roles with those of humans. His pivotal article calls for a reimagined approach to IP frameworks and economic models in an era increasingly dominated by AI-generated inventions and works. This discussion is essential for adapting to a future where AI plays a significant role in creative domains.