Prof. Said Gulyamov to Deliver Lecture at University of Gdansk

Prof. Said Gulyamov, a distinguished faculty member at the Tashkent State University of Law’s Department of Cyber Law, has been invited to deliver a lecture at the University of Gdansk’s Faculty of Law and Administration. The lecture, organized by the School of International and Advanced Problems of Private Law, will showcase Prof. Gulyamov’s expertise in the intersection of technology, law, and ethics.

Titled “The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Investigations,” Prof. Gulyamov’s lecture will explore the impact and utilization of AI technologies in investigative work. Drawing on his extensive knowledge and research in this field, Prof. Gulyamov will provide valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in the context of legal investigations.

Prof. Gulyamov’s dedication to excellence in teaching, research, and public service has earned him recognition within and beyond the academic community. His work not only contributes to the advancement of cyber law but also informs policy-making, emphasizing the importance of legal frameworks that adapt to the rapid pace of technological change.

This invitation to speak at the University of Gdansk underscores Prof. Gulyamov’s standing as a respected voice in the field of cyber law and reflects the international recognition of his contributions to the discipline. The lecture series provides an opportunity for Prof. Gulyamov to share his knowledge with a global audience and engage in meaningful discussions on the future of law and technology.

Prof. Gulyamov expresses his gratitude to the University of Gdansk for the invitation and looks forward to the exchange of ideas and perspectives during his lecture. This event marks another milestone in his commitment to advancing the understanding of the legal implications of emerging technologies and promoting international collaboration in the field of cyber law.