Prof. Said Gulyamov to Serve on Academy Interview Panel

Professor S.S. Gulyamov has been invited to lend his expertise to an important interview panel at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs next week.

The Academy recently opened a postgraduate legal institute and will be interviewing applicants for independent research positions on November 21.

In a letter addressed to the Rector of Tashkent State University, the Academy requested that Prof. Gulyamov serve on the interview committee to provide his valuable insights in the field of cyber law.

Prof. Gulyamov currently heads the Department of Cyber Law at the University and holds a Doctor of Legal Sciences degree. His research and publications cover highly relevant issues like cybersecurity, digital economy development, and personal data protection.

By participating in the Academy’s selection process, Prof. Gulyamov will have the opportunity to evaluate candidates wishing to pursue advanced research in his areas of specialty.