Professor Gulyamov Applauded for Remarks at Moscow’s IT Anniversary Event

Professor Said Gulyamov of the Cyberlaw Department at Tashkent State University of Law was honored for his speech at a recent Moscow expert meeting celebrating the 75th anniversary of information technologies in Russia.

Professor Gulyamov was invited to speak at the November 16th anniversary event held by the discussion club Ecumene and tied to Russia’s annual Information Technology Day. His speech provided valuable insights during the dialogue about the emergence and development of IT science in Russia since the mid-20th century.

In a letter from the Ecumene Organizational Committee, Professor Gulyamov was thanked for his personal participation and the experience and knowledge he brought to the expert meeting. The committee said his contributions allowed for deeper discussion into the issues and alignment with Ecumene’s mission of promoting Russia’s position within the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

“I was grateful for the opportunity to speak at this significant occasion marking Russia’s achievements in information technology,” said Professor Gulyamov. “It was an honor to share my perspectives before such an engaged expert audience as we reflected on the past, present and future of this critical field.”

The Moscow event included speeches from various IT experts as they discussed the rapid evolution of information science in Russia and its growing role in improving quality of life. Professor Gulyamov represented Tashkent State University and Uzbekistan during the high-level meeting.