Tashkent State University of Law’s Cyber Law Department Forges International Collaborations

The Department of Cyber Law at Tashkent State University of Law recently hosted an esteemed delegation of professors from leading universities in India, Indonesia, and Poland. The visit served as an opportunity to foster stronger academic and research partnerships through collaborative initiatives between the institutions.

Welcoming the guests were Cyber Law department head, Said Gulyamov, and his team. Gulyamov highlighted the department’s extensive online education platforms for students during his presentations. This includes interactive websites for accessing course materials, research topics of interest, and online courses offered in cyber law.

The visiting professors were as follows:


  1. Pyali Chatterjee
  2. Purviben Anant Anand


  1. Arief Budiono Abdul Khamid
  2. Rizka Hasyim Manan
  3. Ayesha Hendriana Ngestiningrum


  1. Edvardas Juchnevicius, University of Gdansk

A centerpiece outcome of the visit was a mutually beneficial agreement signed between the Cyber Law department and the visiting professors. It outlines plans to collaborate on cutting-edge research while co-publishing articles in reputable Scopus-indexed journals. Early discussions touched on integrating new methodologies using AI into the joint research initiatives.

Additionally, notable Indian digital forensics scientist Dr. Chetan Mukundan held talks about establishing an interdisciplinary cybersecurity and digital forensics facility between the universities. Related documents were signed, signaling strong intent from both sides to pursue the proposal.

Overall, Tashkent State University of Law’s collaboration with some of India, Indonesia, and Poland’s foremost academics and researchers will enable deeper exploration into pertinent cyber law issues. Joining forces in research, academic publications, and potential centers reflects a common desire to harness technology responsibly on a global scale.