Cyber Law Department Delegation Visits Latvian Embassy in Tashkent

On May 7, 2024, a delegation from the Cyber Law Department embarked on a visit to the Embassy of Latvia in Tashkent. The delegation, led by Professor Said Gulyamov, Head of the Cyber Law Department, included lecturers Naeem Allahrakha, Anna Ubaydullaeva, and Islombek Abdixakimov, as well as San’at Ergashev, the department’s administrative assistant. The purpose of the visit was to meet with the Latvian Ambassador, Reinis Trokša, and explore potential avenues for collaboration between the two nations in the realm of technology and governance.

During the meeting, the delegation and Ambassador Trokša engaged in fruitful discussions surrounding the prospects of cooperation in various spheres. The primary focus was on the development of smart cities, a joint LLM program, and the increasingly significant role of artificial intelligence in governance. Both parties recognized the immense potential for knowledge sharing and mutual growth in these areas, laying the groundwork for future partnerships that could benefit both Latvia and Uzbekistan. The visit marked a significant step towards fostering stronger ties between the two nations and paved the way for exciting collaborations in the fields of cyber law, technology, and education.