Pioneering Book on Digital Governance by Prof. Dr. Said Gulyamov Published in Turkey

Prof. Dr. Said Gulyamov’s book “Digital Devlet Yönetişiminin Teorik ve Hukuki Temelleri” has been published in Turkey. Co-authored by Prof. Dr. Islambekh Rustambekov, Prof. Dr. Hayri Bozgeyik and Dr. Hilola Sharipova, the book explores the theoretical and legal foundations of digital state governance.

The publication of this book in Turkey underscores the growing importance and relevance of digital governance in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. As governments around the world increasingly adopt digital tools and platforms to enhance public services, improve transparency, and foster citizen engagement, works like Prof. Gulyamov’s provide critical insights into the underlying principles and legal frameworks that shape these transformative processes.

By bringing together the expertise of scholars from different fields, “Digital Devlet Yönetişiminin Teorik ve Hukuki Temelleri” promises to make a significant contribution to the ongoing discourse on digital governance, offering policymakers, researchers, and practitioners valuable perspectives on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.