Toshkent davlat yuridik universiteti professor Said G‘ulomov rahbarligida huquqiy tadqiqotlarning yangi davriga qadam qo‘ymoqda

In a series of strategic meetings, the Scientific Council of Tashkent State University of Law, chaired by the esteemed Professor Said Gulyamov, has embarked on an ambitious journey to revitalize legal research and scholarship within the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Earlier this year, on July 14, the council laid down the groundwork for a new epoch in legal research by establishing a framework that aligns with the demands of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan. This initiative emphasized the necessity for contemporary research topics in natural resources law, agricultural law, ecological law, and international law.

In its latest assembly on October 31, the council has taken a leap forward by approving two doctoral dissertations for defense, showcasing its dedication to fostering groundbreaking international law research. The dissertations, addressing international collaborative efforts in criminal investigations and the legalities of telemedicine in the digital age, underscore the university’s direction towards addressing global legal challenges.

Professor Gulyamov, at the helm of these significant developments, has been instrumental in guiding the council towards adopting modern research methodologies and ensuring that the dissertations not only meet but exceed the scholarly standards expected by the university and the legal fraternity at large.

The council has also stressed the importance of leveraging the system for managing and submitting scientific research, indicating a move towards digitization and efficiency in academic pursuits.

The Tashkent State University of Law invites the legal community and interested scholars to witness the defense of these dissertations, which are anticipated to contribute significantly to the discourse of international law.